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SO i know what i want and this is it i want someone that will give me affction when i want it!! i want some one who will not be up my ass every sencond of the day ever hear of a open relationship well yea thats what im about as long as you come home to me at night its all good im relaxed and laid back i hate drama and if your ass is clingy get the fuck off my page in the long run im looking to have someone i can run to at the end of the day when shit gets bad but still be able to be my self with out limts and to be truthfully honest idk if im even going to be staying down here so far i really dont have a reason too but now that i have that done and said out of the way you can go on to read the rest of my profile I suck at writing self-summaries because I actually dont like to talk about myself or boasting or bragging. I dont put up many fronts and will answer you honestly. If I feel like it. Flirting to me is a second skin, and if you cant handle the game dont even attempt to play. My heart however is on my sleeve so be careful of my emotions as I am easily hurt and never easy to forgive... unless I really really like you. I'm a twilight nerd. deal with it.
Music: i like everything from hip hop to accapella to zambonie trible music lol and everything in between
TV: hmm loll what ever i find intertaning
Books: ohh mager fan of sherilyan keyyon
Sports: ohh i love to watch and play foot ball hmm my fav team is the BEARS!! and i like to be quarterback or wide reciver
Interests: hmm reading i love to read umm i love to spend time with my son i love him with my whole heart umm
Movies: hmm scarry movies i can hide in my guys chest if i get scared
BestFeatures: well my smile is the best then my eyes then well my body hmm and if you want to know more just ask
Dreams: well my dreams include settleing down with mr.right and haveing a life with him

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