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I'm a pretty chill chick who is silly and loves to have fun. I'm getting pretty sick of the dating scene...and I feel a lot of guys say they want a good woman but then go after the crazy ass ones who end up fucking them over instead. I care way to much about people and it seems to get me only heartache. So in my world actions speak louder than words.
HighSchool: Oak Harbor High School
Music: I love my country music, Nin, Paramore, 30 seconds to mars, breaking benjamin, chevelle, marlyin manson, bullet for my valentine, Amy Lee, Seether, green day, rhcp, thats just the rock aspect. Techno rocks too.
TV: futurama, family guy, simpsons, history channel lol, ufc, tool acadamy for laughs, nascar, football, etc.
Books: I like mystery, suspense, poetry..
Sports: I love sports....Football, UFC, WEC mostly. I competed in equestrian sports since I was 12. I am thinking about getting back into it.
Interests: Movies, Music, Horses, Pool, graphic arts/web design, poetry, creative writing, art of all kinds, muddin, camping, fishing, UFC, WEC, MMA, bars/clubs... sooo many more things.
Movies: Way to many to list!!! A good scary movie is fun watching with the right people.
BestFeatures: My personality, eyes, my "curves" so I'm told he he
Dreams: To become the best person I can. Yes, there will be struggles and obstacles to overcome. I just need to learn from my mistakes and carry on.

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